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Reaper DAW is a great, highly functional alternative to Pro Tools | First. Reaper.fm

Wait, did I say Pro Tools First? Forget that. Get Reaper!!! | Arvada Guitar

So I have been a hard-core Pro Tools fan since 1994.  However I have also been a hard-core Pro Tools / Avid hater since about 1995. Pro Tools is indisputably the industry standard recording software used in every pro recording studio worldwide.  The studios may also use other software, but if you want to be...

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SheetMusicDirect.com vs. MusicNotes.com – SheetMusicDirect Wins!! | Arvada Guitar

So my students know that I almost always create my own charts and tabs for songs.  Primarily because almost everything I find online is… well, wrong.  I know.  I have said it so many times that I too am tired of hearing it.  But its true.  Sometimes I am wrong.  For sure.  But very often...

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Arvada Guitar

New Songs: Q1 2019 : Over 20 of new songs added to the Teaching List! | Arvada Guitar

“….Currently teaching from an ever growing list of over 1000 songs from the 50’s through today!…” Sorry, sorry!  Been SUPER BUSY so far in 2019!!  I’ve been setting new records for the number of lessons taught at Arvada Guitar in a week and I can finally say I think I am at my limit with...

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