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Vintage Gibson Les Paul in a studio setting

Intermediate and Advanced Guitar

  • Have you been playing guitar for a while but just don’t feel like you are getting any better?
  • Have you hit a plateau from which you just can’t find your way out?
  • Are you stuck in a rut just doing the same things over and over?

Break out of your rut!

I have been playing guitar for over 40 years now and I understand your frustration. The common cycle of hills and plateaus has plagued many a player.

But I understand that variety is truly the spice of life and also of guitar playing. Having been a self taught player, and a schooled player, a personal player and a professional player has given me great insight into the instrument and provided me a wealth of information to share with my students.

Usually, the way to break out of a cycle or plateau is to try something new. Something fresh. Are you a rock player? How about learning a country tune or a jazz piece? Are you strummer? How about learning some scales and modes to help you mix up your playing? Are you a jamming beast that can shred in any style? How about learning some music theory to open up your mind about what you already do?

But often the problem can be holes in your knowledge.  Missing chunks of data that are preventing you from fully comprehending what you are doing. Truly mastering your guitar fretboard is the key to unlocking your real passion and creativity as a player.

I have learned by ear since day one. I studied under world-renowned players and teachers. I have played in Rock, Metal, Classical, Irish Folk, Christian, Worship Team and Mountain Slamgrass ensembles. I have the experience to help you grow as a musician.

Topics Covered: 5 Pentatonic Boxes, Advanced Scales and Modes, CAGED Method, Soloing and Improvisation, Hammer Ons, Pull-Offs, Slides, Pinch Harmonics, Bends, Vibrato, Tone, Style, Ear Training, Appropriateness, Keeping Quiet, Holy Grail Scale Patterns and more….