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Guitar Programs

Whats the deal with lessons at Arvada Guitar?

First and foremost, we focus on physical technique of the player.  Without the proper physical approach, everything one does on the guitar becomes more difficult.  We eliminate this problem by starting with correct physical technique.

We get players PLAYING their instrument as quickly as possible.  Playing songs is why people learn guitar, so thats where we want to get them right away.  Proper approach to strumming sets students up for a lifetime of success on the instrument.  Chords and chord theory prepare them to tackle even the most complex material in time.

Scale work is important not only to develop hand – brain coordination, but also to develop the ear.  Ear training and preparing students to learn songs on their own is our ultimate goal that we stay focused on throughout our journey.

Music Theory begins to open students up to what they are actually doing when they play a song.  It is the foundation for understanding music and the building blocks for creating music on your own.

Soloing and Improvisation complete the students comprehension of the fretboard and get them becoming expressive on the instrument.  Playing someone else’s licks is great, but playing your own is the best!  Most players eventually want to get to where they can competently express themselves on their instrument.  That is our goal too.

Finally, we employ every available technology to enhance our student’s experience while at Arvada Guitar.  We start with high quality, tube amplification for our electric students.  We use a 50″ screen to display charts, tabs, videos and more.  We have a subscription to SheetMusicDirect.com for immediate access to professionally published tabs for guitar and bass.  We employ GuitarPro software to create tabs in house for impossible to find or unpublished music.  We go to YouTube regularly to see how the actual artist performs their songs.  We use Reaper to pitch correct, slow down and loop sections of songs.  We even have a subscription to Troy Grady’s Cracking the Code website!  Very simply, we use every technology available today to provide our students with the most complete, comprehensive, stimulating music learning environment possible!  Oh!  And we have cool lights too!

Note: The Guitar Programs offered by Arvada Guitar are not intended to represent the full extent of available course study, but rather to spark interest and give some general study directions.  Of course, any combination of the offered programs is available to all students regardless of instrument, level of competence or style preferences.  Self and Instructor guided study is the most common approach and is dependant on each individual student’s personal goals, aspirations, interests, level and style preference. Gene will certainly help direct each student to take them from where they are to where they want to be as a player.

All lessons at Arvada Guitar are full hour long private lessons focused on your choice of study!

Beginning Guitar

Intermediate and Advanced Guitar

Rock Guitar for Teens

Guitar Inversion™ – Theory for Guitarists

Soloing and Improvisation

Tone 101

Rock Faces