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Classic Fender Jazz bass, laid out and filling the screen

Beginning Bass Guitar

  • Have you been wanting to learn the Bass guitar but don’t know where to start?
  • Having you been trying to teach yourself bass but aren’t really getting any better?
  • Do you play bass but want to learn how to improvise or teach yourself the songs you want to learn?

Bass guitar is a very interesting instrument. It is a guitar, but it usually doesn’t function in a band like a guitar. While guitarists need to know their scales so they can solo and improvise, Bassists need to know their scales and chord theory so they can be an appropriate support to the music they are playing. Rhythm, timing and “being appropriate” are all parts of being a great bassist.

Gene has been playing bass for over 35 years and has done so in a variety of band and ensemble formats. With a strong emphasis on proper physical technique, Gene helps prepare his students to excel on their instruments.

Gene also helps prepare young students to participate in school music programs and adult students to participate on their worship teams. Reading, Scale Theory, Chord Theory and Improvisation Studies are all a part of making sure his students are ready to be competent players in their school or house of worship.

Topics Covered: Scales, Modes, Reading Basics including Charts and Tabs, Groove, Basic Improvisation, Tone and more…