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Worship Leading and Team Participation Lessons at Arvada Guitar

Worship Leading and Team Participation

  • Do you have a passion for putting your talent to work for God but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you on your worship team and asked to learn and reproduce contemporary songs, but struggle with parts or tone?
  • Are you a member of a worship team and challenged by team interaction and dynamics?

When I first started regularly attending church in around 1995, I went to a local Mega Church in Arvada. I was absolutely blown away by the quality and professionalism, and the incredible spiritual maturity of the worship team. I SO wanted to be a part of that. But I felt I wasn’t good enough. I felt I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t as awesome or “perfect” as they were.

But then after being lead to another church by a friend, that same friend asked me to join their worship team. That was 2001 and I have been a member of a worship team ever since. Boy, whatever I thought I learned on my own, or in school, pales in comparison to what I have learned by serving on my worship team. Musically I have grown tenfold. Spiritually I think I have grown even more. It has been impossibly difficult at times but it has also been one of the single greatest blessings of my life.

I now not only have the privilege of participating on my worship team, but I am able to fill multiple roles. Sometimes I am “just the electric guitar player”. Other times I am on acoustic guitar, singing and have the honor of leading my congregation in worship. When I am not doing one of those things, I even run sound on occasion. What a blessing!

If you are struggling in any area of participating on your worship team, please, let me help.