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Songwriting and Arranging

  • Got the music in you but don’t know how to get it out?
  • Do you write lyrics but have no idea how to set them to music?
  • Do you write songs but feel like you keep using the same old chords and progressions?

You can do it!

I have been writing music for over 35 years now. I earned a degree in Music Theory and Composition to help me with that very pursuit. I have composed and arranged for popular music, TV, radio and games and have helped many clients arrange and “fill out” their own music.

Writing music is not nearly as hard as many people think. In fact, its usually just a matter of getting started that helps people realize that they can indeed write their own music. Every person in America already knows the basics of music theory and composition. We have all grown up listening to music throughout our entire lives: in every grocery store, mall, elevator, movie theater, car, etc.  You understand music theory even if you don’t know that you understand it and I can prove it to you.

And not only can I help you get your songs written, I can help you get them produced.  Every student at Arvada Guitar has access to the recording studio, Audio Digital.  We can demo your song or fully produce it.  You can experiment with different instrumentation, arrangment or even a complete “remix”.  Arvada Guitar is the place for aspiring songwriters to hone their craft!