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More Resources

Local Resources:


Drum City Guitar LandDrum City / Guitarland

9225 W. 44th. Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

GREAT place for unique guitars! Coolest guitars in town! Guitar tech on site.  Carries alot of gear that GC does not; Orange, Rivera, ESP, etc. Obviously a great drum resource as well. Carries strings, capos, pedals, etc.  All the quick – need items.  Family owned and operated.

Jason: Guitars
Tim: Drums
Ross: Tech

Support your local businesses!!

Eclipse Guitars 


Mike Patton has been my guitar tech for many years now.  Certified tech for Gibson, Gretsch, Fender, Martin and Guild.

Pro Audio Services

557 Burbank St. Unit A
Broomfield, CO 80020


Pro Audio Services provides professional audio repair, service, refurbishing and design services.  I have had a plethora of gear repaired by Pro Audio Services over the years including DAT decks, Microphone Preamps, Speakers, Keyboards and guitar amplifiers.  Allen Baca, Danny and Hilary provide the highest level of customer service and quality of work in Denver. I will never take my gear to anyone other than Pro Audio Services.


For all other things…

Sweetwater Sound
Sweetwater Sound

Arvada Guitar highly recommends Sweetwater Sound for anything that you can’t get at Drum City Guitar Land.
I have been working with Sweetwater Sound for over 30 years!

Call 800-222-4700 and ask for 

Jeff Law (ext. 1229) or Brett Moore (ext. 1216)

 Guitar Strings


EXL-110 if you play .10s on your Electric

EXL-120 if you play .09s on your Electric

XSAPB1253 if you play .12s on your Acoustic


I have used Kyser Capos for years

I now also use Shubb Capos…



Personally, I will never use another tuner besides a Peterson Strobe.

The StroboStomp HD puts the tuner on the pedal board.

The StroboClip HD clips on my headstock


If you just need to be “mostly in tune”, then I would go with the cheapest tuner you can find, for example the D’Addario Eclipse Clip-on or the D’Addario Micro Headstock Tuner.





Arvada Guitar

Arvada Guitar YouTube Channel

Jam Tracks curated by Arvada Guitar, for Soloing and Improvisation Studies!


Instructional Resources

In addition to various original materials created by Gene for use by his students, students may be asked to purchase some of the following resources depending on their area of study. 

Below is a partial list of resources used by Gene Crout in instruction at Arvada Guitar.


How to Change Your Guitar Strings!

First off, I and Gibson Guitars both recommend that you change your strings one at a time.  Yes, your guitar tech is going to take off all the strings to clean your fretboard and dress your frets during a Setup.  But unless you are planning on doing those things, you are better off leaving as much tension on the neck as possible to keep your truss rod in place.  That said, below is a reprint from Guitar World Magazine!  Unfortunately distributed without permission, but with huge props to Guitar World for the best string changing method I have found in 40+ years of playing!

 Go buy an issue or subscription to Guitar World!!!


How To Change A String In 60 Seconds!


Guitar and Bass:

The Ultimate Scale Book by Troy Stetina,
published by Hal Leonard (HL00695330)
ISBN 0-7935-9788-9
An absolutely fantastic pattern based look at all the popular scales and modes including some rather “exotic” scales as well. I call it the Scale Bible. Stetina is awesome.  
Guitar Chord Encyclopedia by Steve Hall and Ron Manus, published by Hal Leonard ISBN 0-7390-0984-2 This book is particularly cool because it gives you 6 different positions / inversions for each chord.  Very, very handy!
Practice Trax for Guitar by Danny Gill and Musician’s Institute, published
by Hal Leonard (HL00695161)
ISBN 0-7935-7991-0
Very cool Jam CD with everything from single chord jams up to complex key changes. Extremely useful in learning to solo and improvise.

Currently teaching from an ever expanding list of well over 1200 songs from the 50’s through today! 


Useful Websites:

GuitarScale.org Super cool website that will show you all your scales in a variety of formats!
MusicTheory.Net Great online resource for basic Music Theory and Ear Training study! 



Worship Leading and Team Participation:

The Heart of the Artist, published by Zondervan ISBN 0-3102-2471-3 An absolute must read and “heart check” for anyone involved in music ministry. Fact is, its pretty solid advice for just about anyone.


Recording and Music Technology:

Behind The Glass 

Behind the Glass Volume II

by Howard Massey

Absolutely fascinating read. Best thing about this book is that it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is no “right” or “wrong” in recording. For any opinion, you will see an opposite view represented. Fantastic Books!
Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio by Mike Senior Boy do I wish this book had been written in 1997 instead of 2012. It would have saved me 15 years of trial and error and hard learning on my own. Essential reading for every recording student and small to mid size studio owner. And great reminders and refreshers for even seasoned pros.
Electronic Musician Magazine (http://www.electronicmusician.com) Excellent resource for those new to music technology. Helps really get you started with the proper basics. I recommend this to any new home studio user.

The Art of Mixing by David Gibson

Mix Books and Hal Leonard Distribution
ISBN 0-918371-17-1

A really cool visual approach to mixing. Can really open your eyes to how sound is “sculpted” when it is mixed.