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Audio Production Lessons at Arvada Guitar. Students sit at a mixing console

Audio Production

  • Are you an audio engineer but you struggle with proper use of tools like EQ and Compression, Inserts vs. Sends, or Effects in general?
  • Have you been disappointed with your mixes not standing up to professional productions?
  • Do you run sound for a church but have never been properly trained on your gear or how to mix?
  • Do you have a home studio setup that you don’t really know how to effectively use?

Gene’s earliest foray into recording was bouncing tracks back and forth between two stereo cassette decks in the early ‘80s. From a Tascam 246 Portastudio to PCs and MIDI in the late 80’s, through Cakewalk, Cakewalk Pro Audio and Mark of the Unicorn’s Digital Performer.  From his first Mac and ProTools version 2.0, before TDM or anything “realtime” in the early 90’s, to his current system of choice, a ProTools HD3 system with HEAT,  32 inputs and tons of the best plug-ins money can buy.

In 1997 Gene opened his own recording studio, Audio Digital, and has been serving clients nationally and worldwide ever since. He has produced countless commercial music CDs, has recorded and mixed for Radio, TV, Cable, Internet, CD-ROM and more.  Gene was also a Freelance Mixer for NBC Sports Denver in the Comcast Media Center in Centennial, CO.  You can learn more about Gene’s audio production experience at the website for his  studio, Audio Digital, here.

Gene has helped other audio engineers refine their techniques and get the most out of their tools.  He has helped home recording enthusiasts realize the potential of their own gear.   Gene can help you too.

Topics Covered: Click here for a PDF download of the Audio Production Syllabus.