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Rock Faces Course at Arvada Guitar

Rock Faces

  • Have you bought all the gear used by your favorite artist but still can’t achieve the proper tone?
  • Have you been told by your teachers and peers that “your tone is in your fingers”?
  • We have all been lied to for years!

Where Does Tone Come From?

If you have been playing guitar for a while you have probably heard the old adage “your tone is in your fingers”.

You have a favorite artist.  You get all the exact same gear that they use: same guitar, pickups, amp, effects, everything.  But no matter how hard you try, how long you practice, you still can’t quite match the tone you hear on the record.  And so the “prevailing wisdom”, as they say, is that a player’s tone actually comes from their fingers, not their gear.  So since you have your fingers, not the fingers of your favorite player, you will never truly match their tone.

Well, after years of study and deep investigation, some payoffs to the rock and roll illuminati and a trip to the Brazilian rain forest,  I have learned the real secret that has been withheld from the world until now!

Your Tone Is In Your Face!

Sure, you have your own fingers.  And your favorite artist has their fingers.  And certainly there is an element of truth to the idea that tone is generated by the player themself, rather than their gear.  But come on, they are just fingers.  How different can they be?

But their FACE!  Now that is REALLY DIFFERENT than yours, isn’t it?  Indeed it is.

Look at the faces of these most world-famous musicians as they play.  Do you notice similarities in their expressions?  Of course you do.

Rock Faces Course at Arvada Guitar
Learn to contort your face for ultimate tone!

Every one of these world famous musicians is using some variation of the expression of their eyes, mouth, lips, cheeks and teeth.  That is because they know the real secret to proper tone!

Learn How to Properly Contort Your Face to Achieve Your Dream Tone!

In it’s first-of-a-kind course, available only at Arvada Guitar, we will teach you everything you need to know to develop your tone through proper facial expression. You will learn the proper use of your cheeks to alter harmonic content.  When to have your mouth open and when to purse your lips for ultimate power.  You will learn exactly which teeth produce the longest sustain. Finally, you will master the art of exactly which snarl to use over which scales and modes!

Learn all the greatest facial tone techniques in history, like:

“Be Afraid!  I am mean and scary!”

“Do you smell that?”

“Ouch! I stubbed my toe!”

“Almost lost my pick!’

and the classic….

“Uh oh, I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that before the set!”

Rock Faces only available at Arvada Guitar!

So stop listening to your sad bandmates and colleagues who are not yet in the know! Come to Arvada Guitar and experience the world’s first course in how to truly develop your own tone – Rock Faces!


This is the 101 Level Prerequisite course to the 201 Level Rock Stances course coming soon!



Disclaimer: This course is only endorsed by one artist of questionable fame and notoriety.

Note: Yes, I know I have two shots of Duane Allman.  He just makes the best faces.  And yes, I know that Ann Wilson is a singer, not a guitarist.  But she still rocks and rocks her face.