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  • Do you have trouble hitting the high notes in the songs you want to sing?
  • Does your voice sound shaky and unstable when you are in your lower range?
  • Do you sing great but you run out of air or energy too quickly?

Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching

I have been singing since I was 5 years old. I used to regularly lead worship at my church. I was the lead singer in my own band. I have recorded on many CDs for clients, and have coached many a client through vocal recording sessions in my studio.

I teach from the European Vocal Method, which utilizes the Lower Costal Diaphragmatic Breathing technique. This technique is applicable to all areas of singing but is especially useful in Rock, Pop, Contemporary Christian and Modern Country styles.

Most people don’t realize that the throat and vocal chords are not really the “instrument” of singers. The fact is, for a singer, your entire body is your instrument. One must learn how to control their entire body to be a good singer. And being a good singer is really about control. Control of pitch, placement, resonance, style and more. Voice Lessons at Arvada Guitar will definitely help dial in your technique to be the best singer you can be!

A Few of the Topics Covered: Body Control, Breath Control, Pitch, Tone, Placement, Resonance, Instrument Health, Prepping for Recording or Performance, Nutrition for Singers, Improvisation, Riffing, Harmony, Group Singing vs Solo Singing and much more…