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Representation of a sound wave entering the ear

Ear Training

  • Do you want learn songs by ear?
  • Want be a better singer, or musician in general?
  • Wish you could improvise and jam with people more easily?

What is Ear Training?

Ear Training is the process by which we develop our ability to hear as a musician.  Recognition of different intervals, different scales, different chords is fundamentally important to any musician. By actively listening when one practices or plays, by learning to match pitch with one’s voice, by being intentional about how we listen and hear music, we can refine our ability to “see” the music as we play it.

Ear Training is critical to your learning path!  Ear training is something that really is developed over a lifetime but can be improved upon immediately.  I wasn’t always able to just hear a song and immediately pick up my instrument and start playing along with it, knowing the exact chord progression before I had even touched my guitar.  But now that happens on a regular basis.

Ear training involves intimately learning your scales and understanding each interval within.  It is the basis for what is called “Relative pitch”.  While I have only ever known two folks with true “Perfect Pitch”, Relative Pitch is something that is attainable by mere humans like the rest of us.

I’ve been learning songs by ear my entire life and I can help you do it too!  Lessons at Arvada Guitar will take your musicianship to the next level, guaranteed!