Arvada Guitar uses EX Drummer for Guitar and Bass instruction!

EZ Drummer is the latest addition to Arvada Guitar’s tools for learning!

We already told you how we are doing all our tabs in Guitar Pro 7, so that they are note for note perfect with no “chicken scratch”…

We also told you about how Pro Tools | First has been getting tons of use for pitch correction of old, out of tune recordings (so we don’t have to retune our guitars!). We also use it almost daily to slow down songs so that students can relax and focus rather than frantically chase a song that is too fast…

Well, now we are using EZ Drummer to create drum tracks for jamming and improvisation!  Super high quality drums, with super high quality MIDI loops performed by actual drummers, makes spontaneous jamming even more exciting!  The perfect tool for improvisation, scale exploration and technique refinement for both bass players and guitar players.

Come see why Gene Crout and Arvada Guitar is consistently being rated the best guitar instructor in the Denver Metro Area!