Did you know that Avid is offering a free version of Pro Tools?  Its called Pro Tools | First and I am finding it extremely useful for teaching and learning!

Of course, I am already a Pro Tools user.  Fact is, I have been using Pro Tools since version 2.0, circa 1993.  But I normally do not have my main Audio Digital studio rig running during lessons unless we are recording or its an Audio Production lesson.  So on my iMac that I use while teaching at Arvada Guitar I have downloaded Pro Tools | First and use it very regularly in lessons.  I can correct pitch issues for older recordings. I can apply EQ filters to assist in hearing and transcribing parts.  But most importantly, I can quickly slow down songs when students are learning and can’t keep up with the original recording of a song.

This is SUPER helpful to students.  Not only does it take pressure off so they are not chasing the song, but it keeps them playing WITH the song which is supremely important.  Everyone learns parts outside of time, meaning at a very slow pace with no determined or fixed tempo, while they are learning a piece.  But to continue doing this after you have the basics down is a disservice to the student and the song.  Playing with the song enforces the all important reality of staying in time with music.  You must keep the tempo, you must listen to your band mates and stay with them.  As the saying goes, “Timing is everything”.

All you have to do is drag the song into a Session file, open the Tempo Ruler window and drag the tempo line down.  Viola!  The song slows down.

So, I strongly encourage all my  Arvada Guitar students to download Pro Tools | First.  Its free.  Its cross platform.  And it will introduce you to the indisputable #1 recording software used in virtually every professional recording studio around the world.  Go get it. Hit me up if you need some help finding your way around.

Get Pro Tools |First Here!