Is it possible to get a decent guitar amp for under $50?  Yes it is.

I think I have found the best guitar amp for under $50. “Under $50?!?” you ask? Yes indeed. In fact, its $44.99.

The Vox Amplug 2 is a small device that you plug directly into your guitar. Then plug in your favorite ear buds and you are good to go.  You can even connect a music player like your phone, iPod or iPad to jam along with your favorite tunes.

Boy, I wish I had this when I was learning to play!  My first amp was a headphone amp too, but it had NOTHING.  No tone, no effects, nothing.

Oh yeah.  1978 baby!!  11 yrs old and rocking my first, awesome, Global bass!

Well the Vox Amplug blows away those giant old cans.  The Amplug 2 has 3 different amplifier modes, each with increasing gain and a variable gain control. You also get 9 selectable effects; 3 different variations each of chorus, delay or reverb.  And the whole thing takes only 2 AAA batteries!!

The sound quality BLOWS AWAY the two previous IK Multimedia iRig’s that I have tried.  Both the original iRig ($40 + Amplitube models) and the iRig HD ($99).  Both of which were prone to ridiculous feedback that made them unusable and high gain.  I am an Amplitube user in my ProTools rig and love it.  But these iRig interfaces are just too cheap and poorly made apparently. IMHO, of course…

But the Vox Amplug is killer.  Sounds great and has lots of options built in.  The model I have played through is the AC30 version.  But they also have Classic Rock, Metal and Bass versions.

So can you really get a decent practice amp for under $50?  Yes you can.  The Vox Amplug 2!  And you can find it right here at Sweetwater Sound!