Well, I’ve heard about it for years, wanted to check it out, and now I am going to do it.  I’ve had at least two students come to me after attempting to learn guitar with Rocksmith.  After a few futile months their wives said “why don’t you get some lessons from a teacher”.  Now, of course, they have several songs under their belts and are doing great.

But whats the deal with Rocksmith?  They say on the box “the fastest way to learn guitar”.  Well, we’re gonna find out if that is true.  Can you learn guitar with Rocksmith?  Is it as effective as working with a teacher?  Is it a good resource for guitar players?  And most importantly to me, are the songs accurate?  Do you really learn how to play the song the way it was originally played by the artist?  One of the most offensive things to me are Easy Guitar books that supposedly teach you how to play a song and then leave you to figure out later that what you learned isn’t even close to how the song should be played.  Interpretation is one thing.  Rewriting songs so that they can all be played with open chords or a capo is another.  Call me a stickler if you want but when I play a song I want it to sound like the song.

So, here we are with our fresh new Rocksmith Remastered.  I’ll let you know how it goes….