So, uh, yeah.  We had this Pandemic thing for the last couple years.  As a result, I have been rather busy.  Apparently a pandemic where everyone is locked in their homes with nothing to do is a great time to learn guitar!  Indeed!  So we have been Busy!  Busy Busy Busy!

We have seriously stepped up our online game.  Arvada Guitar has been doing online lessons to as far away as London and Chile since 2016.  But of course EVERYONE had to go online in March of 2020.  So we upgraded some gear to be able to provide a more comprehensive and immersive online experience.  New audio interface to plug real microphones and my guitars into Zoom, Discord, Skype and Google Meet.  New software to internally route audio from iTunes, Reaper, Logic, YouTube etc.  Upgrade of our Interwebs connection so that lagging, buffering and bad connections would at least not be coming from our side.

We added about 200 new songs in the space of the last two years.  I will be posting a new blog shortly illustrating our latest deep dives into Blues, Surf, Metal and more.  Also subscribed to, the best resource for high quality guitar and bass tabs.  We’ve also been using GuitarPro to create high quality tabs for songs that are not commercially available.

When students began returning in person, we added two new air purifiers to the studio.  We also added a 50″ video monitor to display tabs, charts, instructional videos and more to the in person experience.  Now when a student forgets their binder, we still have a way for them to follow along.  And I can drive the screen with my trusty PageFlip Firefly bluetooth page turner.  Fun!

I will also be posting a blog regarding my quest for a decent tuner.  Yes, you would think that a tuner is a tuner, right?  Not so much.  in fact, not much at all.  But the good news is that I have FOUND MY TUNER!  Actually, two tuners to be precise.  One on the floor on my pedal board, the other a clip on for my acoustic.  If you are sick of tuners telling you that you are in tune but your ears keep telling you that you are not, just hang tight.  I will come to the rescue shortly.

So lets see… Pandemic, online and in-person lesson upgrades, hundreds of new songs taking our Teaching List to almost 1300 songs,  tuner heaven… yep, thats about it for now.