Wow, yesterday was just a really cool day in the studio and I wanted to share.

First off, I worked on a recording project with a student who is making an EP.  Fun!

Then I worked with another student who is focusing on soloing and music theory in preparation for his own recording project.

Then I worked on “I love you” by Billie Eilish with a student.  Very cool, super moody and intense song.

But here is where it REALLY starts to get fun…. 🙂

I worked on some K-Pop (Korean Pop, for those not “in the know…” 🙂 with a 12 year old student.  Gotta love BLACKPINK Stay!…

Then I worked on some super heavy, drop tuned 7 string metal with another student.  Rivers of Nihil, A Home!

And I finished up the night with a tasty CCM tune, Mighty Warrior by Elevation Worship!  Love the Jesus Jams!


Now that is a cool day of teaching right there!  Thanks to my most awesome students who continually keep me up on the latest tunes!